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1971 - Mr. Otto Johs. Detlefs (OJD) founded the Company on the 30th October 1971. 1974 - OJD moves to new facilities at Lerbækvej 16. 1975 - A new hall for the warehouse is build to accomodate the development of OJD. 1981 - Lerbækvej 18 is acquired. 2004 Otto Johs. Detlefs, Founder. 2010 - Mr. Otto Johs. Detlefs is turning the first sod for the new domicile at Lerbækvej 16. 2011 - The New domoicile was inaugurated on the 30th October.


Having a background in trading with semi-finished products in steel and non-ferrous metals, Mr. Otto Johs. Detlefs (OJD) founded the Company on the 30th October 1971.

The Idea was to become a sub-supplier to the Danish Industry of semi-manufactured products (part components in steel and non-ferrous metals ready for assembly).

Parallel with building the company as a sub-supplier to the industry, and in order to get a quick turnover and profit, Brake and Clutch companies in Denmark were visited with the intent of selling copper tubes in boxes. This is why the brand name  is QUICK.  These were coiled in the cellar of his parents, Curt and Minna Detlefs. This was the beginning of the Brake Department. The product range was rapidly expanded, to begin with fittings for tubes then bleeder screws, pins and springs for Disc Brakes and Brake Shoes

In this way 2 companies were founded. Each with different customer base, but still with a strong mutual connection on the supplier side.

In 1974, the company moved into new premises on Lerbækvej No. 16.

In 1981 the neighboring building No. 18 was purchased, and expanded in 1984 and 1988, as well as modernized continuously.

In 1988, 1997 and 2006 further pieces of land and buildings on Lerbækvej were purchased, providing the possibility of future heavy expansion.

OJD Group ApS consists today of an Industrial Department and a Brake Department, which are still closely connected, and is housed in a new domicile of 108.000 square feet (10.000 m²) – taken into use in 2011

The Industrial Department has a leading position within their product fields, just as the Brake Department has created a position for itself as one of Europe’s leading companies within its specialized area.

The company has been solely owned by Otto Johs. Detlefs. On the 33rd anniversary day, 30th October 2004, the company ownership was transferred to the newly established OJD Foundation in order to secure a planned generational change.